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Small Lot Rose

2014 Small Lot Rosé
$22.00 per bottle

This dry, medium-bodied Rosé is a bit hit at the winery! A delicious blend of 40% Pinot Meunier, 39% Cabernet Franc, 21% Pinot Noir.

Medium-bodied and dry with refreshing flavours of currant, raspberry, strawberry and watermelon. Notes of red berry tea, currant and pomegranate linger through on the finish.

A clean, fresh mouthfeel and delicate tannins make this a great wine to sip on its own or serve with pork tenderloin in a rhubarb Rosé wine reduction, grilled calamari, vegetarian pastas tossed with feta cheese, barbecued shrimp skewers, grilled sausage with sauerkraut, Greek salad, and gourmet pizza topped with sun-dried tomato, basil, feta cheese and black olives.

Enjoy young and fresh. 

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